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Business Opportunity
 Instant Setup! Instant Results!
1250+ resellers 30000+ websites 45 countries
The most comprehensive web design and hosting solution in the world.

Start online business, A Great Internet Opportunity!

The only online business opportunity that...
Web Design Solution

Lets you resell the complete web design solution.

Flash Video and Audio

Lets you provide cutting edge websites with flash, videos, mp3 and greetings.

Shopping Cart

Lets you sell a complete ecommerce solution with shopping cart and paypal integration.

Maximum Profits

Lets you make maximum profits by allowing you to set your own prices.

Reseller Websites

Gives you a complete turnkey reseller website with professional design, layout and content.

without any knowledge of web designing

Lets you setup complete websites for your customers without any knowledge of web designing.

Live Spokesperson

Lets you add a Live Spokesperson to your site to add a dash of Glamour and a Super Special Appeal!

Are you looking for an online business opportunity?

Are you looking for a solid internet business that can generate good revenues and great residual income for you?

Are you looking for an online business opportunity that will manage for itself?

Welcome to SiteCube Reseller program! is the Reseller site for, the world's most extraordinary website builder with integrated hosting and domain registration. In short it is a complete web design studio in a box!

We are currently offering internet business opportunities for's extraordinary Web Design Studio.

The SiteCube online business Program allows you to sell our services, which includes the Flash Website Builder, Integrated Domain registration and Web hosting from your own site under your own name at your own price!

What is this
Online Business Opportunity?

We offer an incredibly easy web site building tool for creation and maintenance of high quality websites. You do not need any programming knowledge, design skills or hosting expertise. Everything has been put together in a simple and intuitive reseller panel. All you need to do is sign up and start selling! This is a serious online business opportunity for those looking to own an internet business.

Our internet business program is simple.
Just read the following section and you will instantly know what this business opportunity is all about!

online business

internet business

home business

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What will you get as a part of this internet business opportunity?

Your Own online Web Design Studio! Includes web Hosting, Extraordinary website Builder and domain registration. In short a complete online business of your own.

Why should you own a Online Web Design Studio?

Simply because it is the World's best business opportunity! Web Hosting and Design Services is a $50 Billion Industry and growing at 20% every year. There are 100 Million domain names world wide and growing at the rate of 1 Million every month. Every body needs a website! So it is easy to sell the service as everyone you know is a potential client! Simply put this is the most credible business opportunity with serious revenue potential.

How much will you make with this web business opportunity?

You make between $75- $200 per customer per year. This is a regular ongoing income as long as the customer maintains his website with you.

  Integrated Web Design Studio : website builder web hosting domain registration
What should you do?
Sell! That is all you need to do! Once you sign up for the reseller program you will be able to create your own Reseller Website under your own domain name and after that everything is completely automated. You just need to advertise your website to your friends, relatives, local businesses, on the internet etc and start taking orders!
Is this a good web business opportunity or yet another good-for-nothing hyped up program?

Web design service has been ranked in the top 5 list of hot internet business opportunities by Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur magazine is the most credible and popular resource for business opportunity Seekers, small businesses and Entrepreneurs. And Web design service has been rated as one of the hot 5 business opportunities.

Following is an excerpt from the article,

Web Design: Who, today, thinks about starting a business without having a website? What business can keep a website without updating and changing it?

While easy-to-use programs like FrontPage enable most people to design their own website and free templates for websites are widely available ..............many--if not most--corporate and institutional owners realize that for their website to look first-class and truly effective in drawing in business, the expertise of a professional website designer is required...

Need we say more about this opportunity?

OK. Now you know that Web Design is a really hot and in-demand service. But how can you be sure that our program is the best way to capitalize on this opportunity? Well, here are the reasons,

a) You do not need any programming knowledge, design skills or any technical expertise to avail of this business opportunity.

b) The program comes with integrated hosting and domain registration so all the required components of creating and publishing a site online are just a click away.

c) You make $75 - $200 per year on each and every customer you bring.

d) The system has been setup such that YOU own the customers under your own business name.

e) You can market the service easily by making calls, personal visits, paper ads, online through advertising on Google, Yahoo etc.

You may have a lot of questions about this business opportunity. Following are answers to few of the most common questions you will have.

How will I make money with this online business?
You will directly bill the clients and accept payments from them for the websites in the form of online credit card payments, cash or checks according to your convenience.
How will I pay you?
Once you sign up as a Reseller you will first deposit funds with us using your credit card. Everytime you activate a customer site your deposit will be automatically deducted.
What is the Reseller Pricing for the services?
Product Reseller Price Retail Price
Lite $6/Month* $9.75/Month*
Standard $8/Month* $14.75/Month*
Premium $9/Month* $18.75/Month*
Premium Plus $10/Month* $23.75/Month*
Premium Store $11/Month* $23.75/Month*
Premium Store Plus $12/Month* $29.75/Month*
Setup Fee $15 $30

*Note: Pricing Paid on Yearly Basis.
At what price should I sell the services?

It is your business to it is upto you! You can set your own prices for the services. For example, you can sell the Lite version for $20, standard for $25 and Premium for $30. You can set the prices based on your advertising costs and the profit you would like to make.

Will my website visitors know that the service is from

No. will not appear anywhere to your customers. They will only see your business name and think it is your own internet business.

Do I need to have a website?

Once you sign up you will be able to create your own Reseller Website under your own domain name. Click here to see Reseller sites.

  $50 Billion Industry | 100 Million Domain names | 1 Million Domains added every month
Can I accept payments from customers online using credit card? How can I do it?
Yes. You can let clients sign up and make payments to you online. There are many payment processors. The preferred payment processors for integrating with the solution are Paypal and They are one of the leading payment processors in the world. You can sign up with them for accepting payments online.
Does this internet business opportunity allow me to work from home?

Ofcourse this definitely can be your home business! One of the best ways to let people know about your services is to call them and this can very well be done from home. We have many successful resellers who are running successful online businesses sitting in their homes like a true home based business!

How much does it cost to sign up as a reseller?

The reseller program has fee of $99/year only.

I know nothing about web design or hosting. How can I manage the online design Studio?
You don't need to know anything. We have integrated the entire process of domain registration, hosting and website creation into a simple 3 step process that can be mastered in 10 minutes. Our online business solution is completely automated. This means once your design studio is setup, it is your customers who will go through the step by step process to setup their website. You do not have to do anything.
Is your service really good? Are the websites created by your Extraordinary website builder really extraordinary?
Check out some of the sites created with our website builder. You will agree that the sites are really extraordinary.

  Some of the sites created with our website builder
OK. How will my reseller site look like?
How will I attract customers to my reseller site?

You will advertise online on the internet and offline. Once you sign up our Business support team will walk you through the entire process of setting up your advertising.

Instant setup. instant results. steady monthly income.

It can't get better than this.

No trial and error. No experimentation. Absolutely proven method.

Success in a new business is not easy and success in an online business is even more difficult. You need a proven strategy and expert guidance to make progress in your efforts and succeed. We have the system in place. You just need to follow it sincerely. With us success is not a possibility, It is a guarantee. When you start a new business, you are confronted with choices at every step. Being a beginner it is natural to make mistakes and make a few wrong choices. These could be fatal to your venture. We have incorporated the right choices and made them an integral part of the system. You do not have to make any mistakes. We have carefully weeded them out. Every step you take with us has been tested and proven to be right hundreds of times over. So every step you take with us is a right step. Every choice you make with us is a right choice.
  Completely Automated NO LEARNING! get started in minutes!

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Got more questions ?
Contact support via live chat or click here to email us.
monthly residual income and easy setup with this business opportunity

Website Software

The Trendy Site Builder is an amazing website builder wherein you can build your own site without any hassle. The Website Software comes with a lot of creative and impressive features to make your website look interesting.

What do our resellers think of SitecubePlus Business Opportunity?

 I am hooked!

I have found SitecubePlus to be the most simple business opportunity. The web site builder is very easy to use and I have had dozens of compliments from customers and potential customers who have said `WOW` after viewing the solution. Thanks to SitecubePlus I have a really serious business going. I am planning to go full time with this opportunity soon. I had no experience in web site design but am running a successful online web design studio thanks to complete backend support by SitecubePlus. Anyone wanting to build a serious business of their own should make the move to SitecubePlus.
— Paul . Carsey

 "The Web Entrepreneur Program is hassle free."

SitecubePlus takes all the hassle out of running an online business. Having SitecubePlus' automated system makes it easy for my customers to build websites on their own and their free phone/chat and email support to my clients saves me loads of time and allows me to focus on one thing that I need to do, that is sell! This business opportunity is simple enough for people at any level of experience to start and build a serious online business . Thank You SitecubePlus!
— Nathan Cato
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